Porn Movies With Mature Bulgarian Pussy In Her Pussy

Porn Movies With Mature Bulgarian Pussy In Her Pussy

After that night that I had a view from their bedroom, I started a regular thing with them. I loved the arrangement, but it was just getting out of control. Invitations were only sent on the weekends at first, but then a couple weeks later they wanted me on weeknights too. So I frequently gave my parents some excuse about studying, so I could head over there and they'd already be naked waiting for me. They were up for anything sexually, anal, letting me cum anywhere I wanted and sex games were played too. We played strip poker and they always let me win. As a result of all this, my grades plunged. School needed to be a priority, or I'd be retaking those classes. One Thursday night, I had a study session going on in my room and my cell phone got a text. My psychic powers told me it was them, but yet, I picked up the phone. At this point, we were at the six month mark of our arrangement. 'Text from Gloria's pussy to Rick's tongue: Rhonda's tongue is getting rather lonely. I need two tongues inside me and not just one. Would you be interested in giving Rhonda's tongue some company?' the text read. I couldn't resist them, because it was just impossible for me to say no. I got up and rambled to the window. My eyes wandered over into their bedroom and saw their naked bodies looking back at me. "Oh, you two hot bitches suck," I muttered, as my limp cock transformed into a hard one. I dropped everything and zipped right over there. I didn't even tell my parents. I ran straight into their bedroom and jumped onto the bed with them. Gloria was on her back and Rhonda had her tongue lodged up in her cherry. No one even said a word and I just inserted my tongue into Gloria's very wet slit. Gloria fixated her hands onto our heads and made us come just a little bit closer.The whole sexual process had occurred a million times before, but yet, it never seemed to get old. Our odd relationship was physical for the most part, but we did just talk a few times too. Although, I didn't even know what their last names were. It was weird, but I loved it and so did they. The 'L' word had been broken out, but certainty launched that it was from lust we had for each other. "Oh, Ricky, you are the sweetest man there is, please come up here with me," Gloria let out as she had two tongues poking at her clit. I extracted my tongue and got on top of her with my crotch towards her face. Her sly fingers managed to undo my shorts and get them off me too. My cock was plucked out and flew right into her mouth. As paradise was produced again, Gloria wrapped both of her arms around me. Slurping sounds entered the airwaves as most of my cock disappeared into her mouth. Difficulty concentrating arose as pleasure spiked up. I took small, but frequent breaks as I continued to eat Gloria's amazing pussy. Her swollen pussy lips were spread out, so both of our tongues could go in and not just lick, though our heads prevented us from going in too far. My tongue kept running into Rhonda's and, after the third time, she gave me a weird look. "If you want to French kiss me, Rick, then do it. You know how much I love that," Rhonda told me. Our lips attracted each other and remained there for a minute. Gloria's head leaned over and her eyes viewed the sight. We rarely French kissed, but we did find it kinky. "Hey, bitch and hung guy, eat my pussy and make me cum! I've waited too long already!" Gloria jokingly snapped. "He's my boyfriend too, woman. If I wanna kiss him, I will," Rhonda bitched back. They exchanged smirks and both of them had their hands meet their lips. They blew kisses to each other and then mouthed 'I love you' too. Then both of our tongues dropped back down to her cherry. Rhonda's hands floated over to the top of my head and narrowed the gap between our heads. "Let's make this hot bitch cum like a fire hydrant," Rhonda whispered. Rhonda's eyes wandered off to Gloria's. "Oh, Mrs.Hot Chick, are you ready to cum?" Rhonda pondered. "Yes, dumb bitch!" Gloria yelled. Rhonda's face turned back towards mine. A smile with the top row of my teeth showing came her way and my lips laid one kiss on hers. Then her fingers escaped into her slit and spread out her lips as far as they would go. Both of our tongues took a journey within her pussy, thrusting in and out. My entire body shook as I fucked Gloria with my mouth and she fucked me with hers. Gloria's arms tightened down onto me and my entire cock entered her mouth. "Yes, deep throat me, Gloria. Prepare for sweet cum down your throat," I moaned. Both of our bodies clenched up and Gloria's wish was granted. Her cum bespattered all over our faces. A ritual was born, as that happened on every sex session. Even though she gave us a dose of her lady juice, my cock remained getting sucked. "You love it when you get blow jobs from her, don't you? To have her moist and soft lips rubbing on your cock, while her tongue caresses it too? It's the greatest feeling in the world, isn't it? Tell me, Ricky," Rhonda whispered. My eyelids opened all the way as I felt my body go numb. All the feelings I had transported to my cock. So it didn't take me too long to shoot my load with Rhonda's magical words entering my ears. "Fuck," I said very softly. My entire load blew right into her mouth and every single drop was swallowed. That completely drained feeling came upon me again. Then I laid down on my back and they both just cuddled with me again as their heads were on my chest. We rested for a couple minutes before words were spoken. "Damn, ladies, you two are draining me away," I said. Kisses were received from both of them on my chest and then they got a little closer to me. "Are we interfering with your studies?" Gloria wondered. A small laugh exited my lips. "Yes, I can't concentrate either when I get texts from Rhonda's snatch," I told them. They both just smiled and looked at each other. "You haven't told your parents about our odd relationship, have you?" Rhonda inquired. "No, I'm not too sure they'd like it," I confessed. "Let's us help you study. If you do well, you'll be rewarded," Gloria suggested. As if a real choice was given. I opted not to tell my parents about that idea. Anyway, they began helping me at least a couple times a week. They actually went over things with me when they could anyway. It was a surprise to me, but they actually had jobs that didn't involve being naked. So, after work they helped me, as my parents were under the impression I was studying with friends. Little did they know, they were a little older than me and we usually ended up fucking each other. We always set up times to meet at their house. Although, one afternoon as I sat in my room with my books, the door opened. "Rick, we're here to help you study," Gloria chanted. My parents were gone and it seemed to be a good thing physically, but a bad thing mentally. "Ladies, I have finals coming up soon," I told them, as I walked into the hallway with them. "We know, I told you we're here to help you study," Gloria claimed. Skeptically, I took their word for it. Although, they began heading for my room, but I stopped them. "How about we study in the dining room?" I pondered. If they said no, their intentions would be given away. They agreed and helped me bring my books to the table. They kept to their word and went through my notes with me. Even though I had these two ladies to fuck, I had a lot of frustrations about my school work. They could help with math, so we started with that. "Fuck, when the hell is anyone gonna need this shit?" Gloria wondered. "I have no idea, but I need to lodge it into my brain somewhere," I confessed. They tried to fit it into their heads too, in efforts to help me study. They just loved me that much by then. After an hour sprinted by, they both had their eyes on me. I was twitching a bit and had perspiration on me too. "Ricky, calm down. Your head may implode, no one wants that," Gloria mentioned. "I know, but if I fail the final, I gotta take the course over again. Classes are expensive, and my parents will have a total meltdown if they have to pay for me to retake it. They already forbidded me from having a job so I could focus on my studies. Then, all of the sudden, I look out my window one night and got rather distracted," I explained.Two guilty looks were seen by me. "We're sorry, Rick. We didn't mean to do that," Rhonda mentioned. A sigh came into the airwaves. "I didn't mean it like that. I know I deserve some of the blame too, but you can still see my point though, right?" I wondered. "Yes," they both replied. We kept studying and it helped a little bit, but frustration still plagued my mind. On the other hand, it could still be fought. They both got to their feet and came to each other. They began making out and I could see them from the corner of my eye, but I didn't let them distract me. "Ladies, you are here to help me study," I mentioned. They kept going at it anyway and eventually they showed some skin. In a matter of seconds, they disrobed completely. Then they both looked over at me. "You are both fully clothed, just watching me study, that's all. You are not tempting me," I made it clear, as my eyes maintained their position on my books and notes. "Oh, come on, Ricky. We've been studying for three hours now and you look like you are about to pass out. Let the two hot chicks that love fucking you help you out. You gotta let out some of that steam," Rhonda told me. The words entered my ears, but I put them out of my mind. I had to just cram everything in my head while I could. Then I heard footsteps coming towards me. I took a quick peek and wood was formed in my shorts. I still did my best to concentrate and they noticed I wasn't budging. They opted to slowly l
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ean on the table and get on top of my books and papers. I inhaled deeply and did my best to resist. "Ladies, enough already. Will you please get off the table?" I asked. They saw I wasn't getting into it at all, but they weren't about to give up. So they extracted themselves from the table, stood aside, and began fingering each other. Soft moans were created and my defenses slowly began to shatter. Sharp inhaling and exhaling took place. "Oh, Rhonda, I love the way you finger my pussy. I'm cumming all over your hand and it's going down your arm too. I know how much you love that," Gloria moaned. They both kept spouting off things like that, and soon my cock escaped from my shorts. I felt my heart racing on my temple and my feet began rapidly hitting the ground and top of the table. My hand ditched my pencil and drifted to my cock. I began stroking it, as my eyes floated to them. "Oh, you ladies suck so much right now, but I love you," I muttered. Each of them looked down at me and they just got closer to each other. They also inched closer to me too. As a result, I began stroking my cock even quicker. That caused my nerves to get worked up and my heart to beat more swiftly too. "Why do you have to do this to me?" I pondered. Before long, I graced the bottom of the table with a few strings of cum. I was out of breath, and they knew exactly what just happened. Then their smiles arose again. They both leaned down towards me and looked under the table. They saw what they had suspected and then Gloria positioned herself behind me. She pulled the chair out and Rhonda yanked my shorts and boxers right off me. Gloria yanked off my shirt and I was naked. I feared my parents might come home unexpectedly, but it was too late for me to care. As Rhonda's hands arrived on my cock, I kicked that possibility right out of my mind. Her right hand massaged my cock and Gloria's hands landed onto my shoulders. She gave them a good massage too. "Ricky, you've been studying too much lately and neglecting the hot and horny women that want to fuck you," Rhonda explained. "We've had sex on five different occasions this week so far, and it's only Tuesday," I reminded her. "I might be married to a hot and horny chick, but I need your cock too. We both do, Rick. Won't you take a break from your studies and satisfy your two girlfriends that love you too?" Rhonda pleaded. After her mouth was done talking, her beautiful face got an extra large dose of my seed. Her fingers from both hands soared to her eyes, to wipe away the cum that covered them. She just let the rest dry and her facial muscles caused a teeth showing smile. "Thank you, Ricky," Rhonda said, just before she took my cock into her mouth. Her lips immediately gravitated to the base and kept it right there. "Fuck, Rhonda, having you sucking on my cock makes me wanna explode," I moaned as Gloria put her head right next to mine. Gloria's hands made its way to her head. "It turns me on so much to see my wife sucking your cock, Ricky. I've caught her masturbating thinking about it so many times. She moans your name, and she always has you cum on your her face. I love it, but not as much as I love you," Gloria whispered. The love thing was still a foreign concept, but it was there. I felt it going through my body then, because once the idea came up, the pieces just came right together. I had sex with them so many times, it was bound to happen. Gloria's hands came to the sides of my head and turned it. "You belong with us," Gloria whispered. Then her face dropped to mine and our lips flared together. A passionate and memorable make out session commenced. We just promoted ourselves to lovers, as our lips remained together for over five minutes straight. Then her lips departed to mine only by a few inches. "Did you like that, Rick?" Gloria pondered. "Yes," I replied softly. We both turned our heads to Rhonda sucking the life out of my cock. Somehow, Gloria restored my defenses so I didn't shoot yet. Her mouth slid off my cock. "Rick, I want my cum. Give it to me," she demanded. In efforts for that to happen, my cock traveled down her throat. I took the longest inhale I could possibly take and held it. "Don't fight it, let it ooze out right down my wife's throat. Give her what she wants and make her purr like the big, not so hairy, lion she is," Gloria whispered. My strings were pulled again. "Rhonda, you have your wish," I moaned as her mouth was filled up. My mouth opened, and Gloria just put her lips right onto my mouth. I just had to relax and take it the best I could. I had to breathe through my nose until Gloria gave my lips a break. Then Rhonda came up with us and wanted her turn. "Come on, don't hog the lip candy," Rhonda told her with an empty mouth. Then Rhonda's lips jumped to mine and I knew I would probably drop out of college. If what they told me was true, then I was hooked on them and they were hooked on me, too.Then we all just cuddled right on the table that my family and I ate on, as we were all naked. Granted I had some books and my clothes on there too, but that was it. "Damn, ladies. Good study break, but I gotta get back to work," I mentioned. "Okay, if you have to," Gloria mentioned as we all got up. Then, all of the sudden, I heard the door open. "Shit, my parents are home," I whispered, hearing their voices in the distance. We scrambled to get dressed and look decent. They both managed to get off the table and get their panties on before they came in the dining room, but that was it. As my clothes were on the table, I managed to get fully clothed. "What the fuck is going on here?" my dad, Pete, asked. He looked at them and they covered their nipples. "Wait a minute, you are the lady that lives next door," my mom, Julie, said. "Yes. Just so you know, we actually were helping him with his studies," Gloria confessed. I had never been so embarrassed in my life. They both just gave the worst looks as my two girlfriends just looked at the floor. "Would you two get dressed already?" Julie asked angrily. Gloria and Rhonda both turned around and got fully dressed. My parents were pissed and I had been on their radar for various things in the recent past. "So this is why your grades have gone to shit? Why you've made a habit of coming back after midnight from your study sessions? Why you are always so out of it?" Pete wanted to know.A deep breath was taken, as my eyes were on the floor. My fists clenched. "Yes, but I love them and they love me," I confessed.Two extra dirty looks formed on their faces as their heads leaned back. "What the fuck are you talking about? Love? You think you love them and they love you?" Julie asked.Gloria positioned herself right behind me and wrapped her arms around me. "We do love him, he is a very special person to us. Believe it or not, he loves us, too," Gloria wrote in stone. I wanted to talk, but my lips wouldn't move. Then both of my hands became occupied by a hand from both of my girlfriends. "You couldn't find someone close to your age?" Pete wondered. "We're only about five years older than him and he is a legal adult. He can make his own choices. Like when he watched me fuck my wife here. I don't think he's asking you to like it, or even accept it right now. You found out in the worst way, he's just telling you what's going on," Gloria explained. "We are paying for you to go to college and study. Not to watch the neighbors fuck. We don't even give a shit why you are fucking them. If this is what you are gonna do, then fine, we are not paying your tuition anymore," Pete told me. "How will I pay for college then?" I wondered. Well, then love stepped up to plate and took a swing. Gloria turned my head to hers and kissed me. "We'll pay for your college, Rick, and we want you to come live with us too," Gloria put it on record."Whoa, you can't move in with them. You are only eighteen and you've never even had a job," Julie told me. "Why? You just told me you weren't paying for my college anymore. What do you want from me?" I wanted to know. They both made hand gestures as their hands soared up towards their faces. My dad's head moved around as my mom muttered incoherently. I turned back to my girlfriends and tears were shed at a fast rate. "I'm sorry," Gloria whispered. I turned back to my parents and they both had tears in their eyes. "I can't fucking believe this!" Julie snapped just before she left the room. "You begged us to send you to college. After your first semester, you stopped taking it seriously. If this is what you want, then get out. We're not gonna stop you and sure as hell hope your sugar mommies love you they way you to think they do," Pete told me. He jetted off too, and I was speechless. They both consoled me. I wasn't crying, but it was a little heart breaking to hear all that from my parents.I was living just about every guy's dream, unlimited sex with two women, but the words from my parents still stung. Thoughts of how great that would be entered my mind, but at the cost of alienating my parents. "Let us prove to you how important you have become to us. Come live with us and you won't even have to masturbate. We'll make you cum and you won't have to lift a finger. We can also have so much more fun without trying to hide it anymore," Rhonda suggested."They are upset now, it couldn't be more fresh in their minds. They'll get over it in due time. In the mean time, we'll prove our love to you. No matter what, we're with you," Gloria told me. I couldn't say no to that. That night, I spent the night with them. Of course we had sex. It took only a couple days for me to move out, but when I did, it felt like a new start. When the arrangement spiraled out of control, it landed me living with them.

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