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Porn Movies Xxx Alina De La Cluj Penetrata Deep In Pizda

The afternoon was dragging on for Chad Stephens. He couldn’t explain why he felt so melancholy right now. He had a successful phone meeting, picked up a large new account, and had handled some important emails, so why did the day seem so dismal? He sat at the mahogany desk in his office that overlooked the city and wondered why he felt like his hands were an hour glass and Reina was the sand slowly, but surely, slipping through his fingers.He’d been wrong when he had assumed that last Friday’s session was just Reina doing her job as his Office Whore. He realized that now, especially after being with her this morning. The way she touched him, the way her body responded when he touched her; it was more than just hot, slutty office sex. There was a connection between them, as much as he wished he could deny it.His heart felt heavy as he remembered the look on Reina’s face when she admitted she wanted to enjoy a moment of pretending they belonged to each other, and he responded by telling her he wasn’t a “happily ever after” kind of guy. He’d said it so casually, but the words tasted bitter in his mouth.That same heart wanted him to go after her when she had walked out of his office, chin held high, trying to act as though he hadn’t just backhanded her feelings. But his head knew that the best thing for her was to work as Reina’s assistant and let the recently hired Savannah replace her as his Office Whore.The problem was, he didn’t want Savannah, he wanted Reina; sweet, seductive, red haired Reina, with her big blue eyes, sexy smile, and delightfully curvy body. She was a magnificent combination of slutty little vixen meets soft innocence. He felt things for her that he’d never felt before. Perhaps it was time to admit, at least to himself, that he was in love with her.How was that even possible? He’d known her less than two weeks! He was, at age 39, too old for a 25-year-old woman anyway. And what if he did acknowledge his feelings for her? What good would that do if he allowed himself to love her, and then eventually had to watch her walk away just like every other woman in his life had? Fuck feelings, anyway!He also knew that he would never be capable of loving Reina the way she deserved to be loved. She was the most amazing woman he’d ever met. He thought about how easily she forgave him for hurting her, albeit unintentionally, during their rough anal session yesterday. Or how she admitted to watching hours of porn videos to learn how to be the perfect slut for him. And then there was how she looked so serious and determined on the very first day, when she bravely agreed to try being his Office Whore having never done most of the 12 tasks that were part of her job.Chad shook his head. Base 12 Slut. Office Whore. What kind of pathetic loser had to hire young willing women to spread their legs and satisfy his constant need for sexual gratification?He remembered when he and his buddy, Bill, had been bored one night back in college. They got a little high and started creating the concept of the perfect office slut. What would she do for her boss? Bill had said, “Well with your sexual appetite, Chad, there would need to be a handbook with detailed descriptions of at least a dozen tasks she should be able to perform!” It was that night that Chad decided it would certainly solve a lot of problems for him. A woman in his office, whose job it was to satisfy his every sexual need. A pretty face to suck his cock, a tight, wet pussy to fuck and play with, and a beautiful ass to spank and fuck. It sounded like heaven!So, when he’d started his own firm and his exotic-looking office manager, Karena, had rejected him as a lover (after admitting to preferring another female in her bed), he decided, what the fuck, why not? He amused himself by creating a website, manual, rules, etc. He called it Base 12 and, voila, the Office Whore was born.Karena had surprised him by not thinking he was an outrageous deviant for wanting to hire a woman in this capacity. In fact, she’d actually been supportive and took over the initial hiring process. He gave her a basic description of what he wanted and she did the rest.The problem was, none of them could hold his interest for more than a few months. He realized now, that this was probably due to the lack of any connection or personal feelings he had for these women. He wanted a slut and each one of them had been happy to perform his list of twelve tasks for him. Then, the challenge was gone, and he grew weary of the same thing every single time. Dumbass, he thought to himself, it was his fault! The ridiculous rules and scripts he had created made sure that each sexual act was controlled and there was no real interaction besides the acts themselves. No additional commentary was one of his more ludicrous stipulations; he remembered feeling it necessary to add that to the handbook after one of his blonde sluts had talked his fucking ears off during sex.Reina wasn’t afraid to go off script, and she had made him feel alive. She been his Office Whore for just under two weeks, but he couldn’t imagine becoming tired of her. She made him want to throw the handbook in the trash and just play it by ear; just get naked together and see where it would lead. So why couldn’t he?He knew the answer was complicated, but the simplest reason was Reina deserved better. She certainly deserved more than he could give her. Oh Christ, he must really love her, because it hurt so fucking much to think of letting her go.He could call her in now, there was enough time left in the afternoon, but was that really fair to her? The phone rang, startling Chad. He answered hoping it was Reina, but it was Savannah instead.“Mr. Stephens, may I come in to your office? I have some questions that I would like to ask,” Savannah said coyly.“It’s Chad, and you should really be calling Karena if you have any questions. Or you can ask Reina,” he said, mildly annoyed.“Oh, well I tried that, but they are both in a meeting with a new copy machine salesman,” Savannah said with a pout Chad could almost see through the phone.“Fine, then come in,” he said and hung up the phone.Savannah entered Chad’s office with one goal in mind, to stop this ridiculous waiting game and get some action with her sexy new boss. For some reason, his policy was to give three days to memorize the twelve sexual tasks so she could perform them from memory simply when he said them by number. Well she wasn’t a moron and her pussy needed attention now. Fuck, why should she have to wait three days?It was killing her to be so sweet to everyone, especially to Reina. What Chad saw in that whore was a mystery to Savannah. She didn’t even bother to use concealer to cover up all those freckles. What was it that men craved about redheads anyway?“Thanks for letting me come in to ask questions, Mr. Stephens, I mean Chad. I just want to make sure I do everything right for you. I know I can please your cock; I just need the chance to show you that I am ready,” Savannah said seductively.“You said you had questions,” Chad said, irritated.“Well my first question is why do I have to wait three whole days? I’m ready now,” Savannah was doing her best to distract him by leaning over so he could see down her blouse.Chad ignored the less than subtle move and said, “Savannah, there is a manual with very explicit instructions with details on my expectations. If you wish to work here, you need to abide by all policies as written.”“Yes, of course, I’m sorry sir. I’m just so eager to please you,” she said, staring longingly at his couch. “May I sit on the couch so I can get a feel for what I will be sitting or lying on while you use my needy little cunt?”“Savannah, go back to your desk, read the manual. You must have missed the section on what turns me off. This little game that you’re playing? Total turn off,” Chad said bluntly, “So, unless you want your job to end today, I suggest you go back to your desk and study the fucking manual like Karena and Reina told you to. Then, maybe, you won
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t embarrass yourself by doing the exact opposite of what I like and want from my Office Whore.”Savannah got up without another word, although she had plenty words in her head that she wanted to say, and left his office to return to her desk. Chad picked up the phone.Reina answered and said softly, “Yes, Chad, what do you need from me?”He wanted to say, “I need you to help me not be afraid to love you!” However, the words that managed to escape his lips were, “I just need you. Will you please come to my office?”Moments later, Reina walked in silently. She was secretly enjoying the dirty looks that Savannah had given her when she walked past her desk. But now that she was standing in front of Chad, all she felt was turmoil.Chad spoke wearily, “I need to talk to my best friend, but she’s ignoring me like the plague. Will you sit with me Reina? Talk with me?”Pity swarmed her heart, “Of course, we can sit and talk. What’s wrong? Will you tell me?”He couldn’t bear the eye contact with her, couldn’t stand to be sitting with her, smelling her perfume, and not touching her. Chad got up, walked over to the window and said, “I suck at feelings and emotions.”Reina thought to herself, well that’s not a newsflash. But she said nothing. If Chad was actually going to open up and talk to her, she didn’t want to discourage him. Even if it meant he would say things she didn’t want to hear.He continued looking out the window and said, “I know that I have feelings for you that go beyond this Office Whore deal. I know that I never really made love until last Friday in the shower with you. I wish that I could be the kind of man that could give you happily ever after or even happy in this moment, but Reina I’m damaged goods. I’ve got nothing to offer you besides some amazing shower sex, a great salary and some kickass benefits.”Reina smiled, seeing as how he was trying to lighten the mood a bit here. So, she did her best to answer back in a light-hearted voice, “The benefits really are kickass! But I think I like the shower sex bonuses the best so far.”Chad turned and smiled weakly, “How do you do that, Reina? How do you manage to be so sweet and kind to me when I’ve been nothing but a complete dick to you?”Seeing an opportunity, she got up and walked over to Chad, took his face in her hands, and said, “Someone needs to love and forgive you Chad, because you sure don’t cut yourself any slack.”Torn between wanting to kiss her and screaming at her to get the hell out of his office, he compromised with himself, “Reina, I want you more than any woman I’ve ever wanted in my whole life. I just can’t be with you.”He stepped away from her and sat down on the couch. He dropped his head into his hand and spoke to the floor, “No one has ever wanted me. Even my own mother abandoned me after she gave birth to me, once she discovered I was a boy. My father didn’t want me so he pawned me off on his sister, who raised me, despite her deep hatred for me, because he paid her well to do so. Then, I was sent away to boarding school and went to a small, private, predominantly male college. I’ve never had a girlfriend, hell I’d never been on a second date until Karena. Then she turned out to be a lesbian. But at least she didn’t leave me.”Reina realized that words would not help here. So, she simply unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. Chad was stunned.“What are you doing?” Chad asked, confused. “I didn’t call you in to perform any task for me.”“And that’s a damn shame, Chad,” she answered in a sultry voice, “because by my count there are two tasks left. If I recall correctly, you told me yesterday that you’d be using me for all twelve tasks and then some. I’ve come to collect my and then some.”Chad drew her to him and into his lap. He simply held her for a moment, his face buried in her hair, and took in the scent of her. Then he spoke softly, whispering in her ear, “Those panties look really fucking hot on you, thanks for breaking the rules.”She laughed and then purred, “Why don’t you help fulfill a fantasy of mine and take them off with your teeth?”Chad’s cock liked the idea very much, springing to attention in his pants.“First let me get out of these clothes,” he said, as he started unbuttoning his shirt. Within seconds, he was naked and kneeling on the floor next to the couch.“I’ve never done this before,” Chad admitted shyly.“Good,” she smiled, “neither have I. It will be a first for both of us.”His defenses shattered, Chad set about the task of removing first her panties, then her bra with his teeth. Once she was naked too, he began to kiss her, starting with the back of her neck. Soft, sensual kisses, trailing down her shoulders and stopping at her gorgeous full breasts. He teased each nipple, flicking them with his tongue, nibbling them with his teeth, and then sucking on them until he felt her squirming underneath him. He was driving her mad, and the look of passion on her face was exquisite.He moved slowly down to her tummy, taking a moment to be silly with her and tickling her belly button with his tongue. She squealed and giggled and took his breath away.He moved down further still, teasing her bare mound with his tongue and wet swirling kisses. Then his tongue snuck cleverly into the folds of her wet sweetness and probed her, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her. He continued to lick and suck and play with her beautiful pussy until her orgasm had her writhing underneath him. Fuck! She tasted so good, Chad thought. Suddenly the need to be inside her was imminent. He whispered softly, “Reina, let me make love to you now.”Reina smiled and looked directly into his eyes and said, “Baby, you already are. But I need you inside me. I need to feel you fill me and I need to cum with you, while you’re deep inside me!” She was panting now, hot, needy breaths.Chad kissed her mouth so she could taste herself and heard her moan with pleasure as she accepted his tongue, coated with her juices, into her mouth. He was poised at the entrance of her delicious pussy when she said, “Wait, let me get you properly wet before you fuck me, baby!”She leaned down and took his cock into her mouth. This time it was Chad who moaned as she took his whole shaft into her mouth and throat and sucked until she was sure he was slick and ready to enter her.He slid right in, as Reina was so wet and aroused. Each stroke took him in a little deeper until he was fully inside her, filling her up as she had practically begged him to. He moved slowly at first, teasing her pussy and causing her to pant loudly. Then he picked up the pace and felt her body match his rhythm perfectly. She was making love to him too. Not just lying there, letting him fuck her, but moving her body to create pleasure for both of them.As they moved together, so they came together, and cried out each other’s names as they did. Then Chad did something he had never done, he laid his head on her chest and let her hold him. He understood now that longing to pretend that they belonged to each other. He didn’t dare speak, he’d ruin things for sure, he laughed inside his head. At this moment, life felt perfect for the very first time.And then the door burst open suddenly. Reina grabbed her dress to quickly cover herself as she and Chad both looked up to see Savannah standing there, sliding out of her skirt, as she said seductively, “Oh Chad, I’m here for the Task 7 you requested.” Then turning to Reina, she added, “I hear that didn’t go very well for you, huh?”Reina slid her dress over her head, forgetting her bra and panties and ran out of Chad’s office in tears. What a fucking asshole! Making her believe that he had feelings for her, while he had Savannah all lined up so he could fuck her ass. She felt like such a fool for falling for his act. She went to her desk, grabbed her purse and as she walked past Karena’s office she screamed, “I quit!” Then, noticing that he hadn’t followed her, she stormed out of the door.    

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