Porn with the grandfather who puts his niece to be fucked by devices

Porn with the grandfather who puts his niece to be fucked by devices

They were one great looking couple, with a son, and they lived only a couple of miles away! Jon was twenty-seven with light brown hair, deep blue piercing eyes, and an athletic body, while Kay, his wife was twenty-six with beautiful, shoulder-length red hair and stunning emerald green eyes. She had a sexy figure, I would say something like maybe 38-25-38. JJ, their two-and-a half-year-old son, was the typical little boy really quite inquisitive, with thick reddish-blond hair. I thought to myself what a good-looking family they were, living in a small two-bedroom frame house. Jon and Kay had been married about four years. My name is Amy, 5’ 8” with long blonde hair, pulled back into a pony tail, crystal clear blue eyes, and a curvy figure measuring 36-24-36; a good-looking girl, if I do say so myself. School is out for summer so I babysit to earn money. Jon and Kay were needing a babysitter to look after their son, JJ. I saw their request posted at the local supermarket on the community bulletin board: --- WANTED --- Babysitter needed, if interested please call after 5 PM 255-8235. I wrote it down, thinking, 'Great another chance to make some money.' I called. Kay answered, “Hello!” I responded with, “I’m calling about the babysitting job.” “Great, we need someone to watch our son JJ,” she said. “Anytime you need me, I’m available." I said. “Great! We wanted to go out this weekend, can you watch JJ this Saturday evening?” she asked. “Yes,” I replied. “Okay. Give me your name, address and phone number; I will call on Saturday, confirming, then come pick you up,” she said. About 5:00 PM Saturday, Kay called, saying, “Amy - are you still interested in watching our son, JJ?” “Yes, I most definitely am.” “Okay, I’ll have Jon come pick you up.” About fifteen minutes later, I heard his car pull up and stop in front of my house. This fantastic looking guy gets out, then comes up to my front door and knocks. “Hi, I’m Jon,” he says, “are you Amy?” “Yes,” I said with a little stammer; he looks great; I was fascinated with the way he looked. We got into his car, and drove to their place; it was only a short distances. We went inside. I met Kay for the first time. She was a beautiful woman. JJ, their cute little boy, came in. I thought what a good-looking family they were. Kay said, “We’re going to a party; we'll probably be kind of late getting back. Jon will take you home, so don’t worry. If you have any problems, call this number; it’s where we’ll be.” Then they got into their car and drove away. A few hours went by and at 9:00 PM, I gave JJ his bath, put him in his PJ’s, and put him to bed. JJ fell asleep right away. Since we had been playing around together, chasing each other, having fun in the back yard, he wore himself out. Now, at 10:00 PM, I was somewhat sweaty so I figured that I had time to take a quick shower and then relax, now that JJ was sound asleep. After a quick shower, I started watching some TV; nothing on worth watching. I saw a picture album, and when I opened it; I saw some wedding pictures, and some pictures of them and JJ. I dozed off while sitting on the couch. It was getting late and they had not yet returned. They had said that it would be late, so I was not worried about it. Finally, about 2:30 or so, I heard their car pull into the driveway, waking me up; they were home. Kay came into the house, but no Jon, so I wondered where he was. Kay said Jon was still out in the car. He had been drinking so much that he had passed out. “Will you help me get him in here?” she asked. I told her certainly, and we went back out to the car. Sure enough, he was out like a light. We managed to pull him out, putting an arm around each of us to walk him into the house. Jon passed out with his arms around our shoulders; his hand bounced, brushing against my tit as we walked him inside. I know it was not much, not intentional on his part, but still I felt a little excited by it. We got him inside, sat him on the couch. “He is too drunk to drive you home,” she said. Then she asked, “Is it all right if you spend the night here?” “Okay. Where do you want me to sleep?” I asked. “Well, since Jon’s going to be on the couch for a while,” she said, “we have a king-size bed, so you could sleep in our bed, with me... if you don't mind.” Kay and I went to their bedroom; seeing their bed is big, there would be plenty of room for both of us. “Yeah, but I didn't bring any night gown to sleep in,” I said. Kay said, “I have lots of lingerie, and maybe something I have would fit." She opened her closet; she did indeed have several different kinds of lingerie. “Go ahead, find something you like, try it on,” she said. In looking through her lingerie I saw a pretty blue baby-doll outfit; I put it on - it fit perfectly. I did not think about it at the time, but Kay had been watching me closely while I was getting undressed and putting on her nightie. She reached into her closet, taking out a bright red teddy. Putting it on, she looked super sexy in it and when she told me I looked sexy wearing her blue baby dolls, I was flattered, that coming from such a beautiful woman. Now that we were both in her sexy lingerie looking sexy as hell,Kay said, “We better check to see if Jon is all right.” We went out to the couch Jon was still out cold. Kay said, “I guess we should try making him somewhat more comfortable by taking his clothes off, then just let him sleep out here.” She removed his shoes and socks and unbuttoned his shirt before taking it off too.
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 Wow, what a chest he had! Then she unsnapped and unzipped his pants, saying, “I’ll need some help pulling them off.” We both pulled and tugged at his pants, stripping them off, leaving him with just his boxer shorts on. I could see part of his cock through the slit in his boxers. Of what I could see, it was turning me on. Kay left to put his clothes in the laundry; while she was gone, I took a chance, opening the slit in his boxers a little more to check out this huge cock. It was soft but still looked huge, I quickly closed it before she came back and caught me. When Kay returned, she took me by the arm saying, “Come on; now let’s you and I go to bed.” We crawled into bed together, not putting any covers over us; it was so hot we did not need any. We were laying there, the lamp on her nightstand still on. Kay turned on her side, looking at me, “My, my you sure do look so very sexy in that lingerie,” she said. “You look sexy in yours too,” I replied. She was looking at me with her big beautiful green eyes, saying, “Jon has passed out and I am horny as hell, do you mind helping me do something.” My mind too was racing, because I was also very horny after checking out Jon’s penis. “Okay,” I said. Kay turned, opening the drawer in her nightstand and taking out a vibrator; she turned back towards me as she turned it on. She put the vibrator on my left breast nipple then started slowly moving it around, doing both my nipples; they were getting hard. I felt my pussy starting to get wet; next she ran the vibrator down my stomach to my slit, and as she was letting the vibrator tingle against my cunt she started kissing my face.Her lips touched mine, forcing her tongue into my mouth while the vibrator rubbed over my snatch. I now had a huge wet spot on those panties. Kay got on her knees over me, grasping the panties and pulling them off, exposing my fuzzy, unshaven blonde hairy bush. Waiting for more, she put the vibrator on my pussy lips, stimulating them more, tickling my clit with the vibrator. It was very erotic. She slid the vibrator into my cunt, bent down, and started licking my clit with her tongue. All I could do was lie there and have a massive orgasm, squirting everywhere. I had a couple more orgasms before she finally stopped. Kay then said, “Okay, it is your turn to do me.” As I took the vibrator from her I got on my knees as she laid back, pulling the straps down on her teddy revealing her beautifully-shaped, huge D-boobs. I placed the vibrator on her right nipple, getting it hard, then bent over and sucked on it while moving the vibrator to the other nipple. She pulled her teddy completely off, revealing her clean-shaven pussy mound as I started slowly moving the vibrator over her pussy, slowly vibrating it first in then out of her cunt, going down licking her until she had one humongous, massive orgasm herself, moaning loudly. We both laid back on the bed, her still completely naked and me with just my top still on, not really covering much more than my boobs, laughing and kissing together over the enjoyment that we had just given each other. I decided to remove my top so I was now completely naked also. We lay there admiring each other’s naked bodies, when all of a sudden we heard a noise; Jon had woken up and was standing in the bedroom doorway, looking at us! “What is this?” he asked. Kay said, “Well since you passed out, I asked Amy to stay the night, we got horny so we decided to help each other.” Jon stood looking at both of our completely naked bodies exposed to him, saying, “You mean I missed out on all this! What about me?” I spoke up, saying, “Well, you can take your boxers off and come over here and join us.” Jon's boxers came off instantly, as his huge eight-inch cock plopped out fully erect, standing at attention. Kay reached over, feeling my cunt saying, “Okay, Jon! She is still soaking wet down there, why don’t you slide your huge cock in her cunt? Make her cum.” Jon, not wanting to be outdone or left out, climbed on top of me and pushed his huge cock inside my tight pussy opening, stroking... back and forth, slamming his dick in and out of my pussy, Kay watching as she gently sucked on my hard nipple. After having several more orgasms with Jon’s dick fucking me, he filled my pussy hole with his hot cum then collapsesd on top of me. Kay and I finally manage to get him off me, onto his back in bed in between us. Now that the three of us were very much satisfied, Jon is now in-between the two of us, his cock getting to its flaccid state as we all just lay back on the bed and go to sleep. We all sleep together, still completely naked that night without any covers. I awoke first, Jon’s cock was soft, but still looked huge. I got on my knees and take his cock into my mouth, getting him hard again. He woke up and started moaning in a pleasurable way; his moaning woke Kay, and she straddled his face, her cunt just above his lips. He started eating her pussy while I was still sucking his cock; he ejaculated, filling my mouth with his cum as I swallowed most every drop. Kay’s pussy juices start flowing, covering his face completely. We finished, and then slowly got up out of bed, getting dressed so Jon could take me home. “You’re the best babysitter we ever had," he said. “Would you like to baby-sit for us again?” “Yes,” I replied with a smile. “Anytime, maybe even spend the night?” “Next Saturday! For sure,” Jon said, “even if Kay and I don’t go anywhere!” I got out of his car, giving him a wink and smile and saying, “Sure thing.”

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The blonde who put her ass in the dick

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